Local Realtors® reach Platinum with RE/MAX in 2015 causing waves in the industry.

(January 05, 2016 )

Written By: Mike Seiler

You've seen the catchy ads all over the internet...  Doctors are furious over this new 'skinny' pill.  Local lady makes thousands per day on the internet and doesn't even leave her house...  

Since we started our team in 2013 we never thought it would be easy, nor did we take the easy approach.  It wasn't 'one simple trick', or 'an industry secret' that propelled us upward. 

Simply put, it was 'Good 'Ol fashioned Harrrrd Work!' 

Here are some key reasons people chose to work with our team and why YOU should consider us in 2016:

1) Your Realtor® is a professional photographer!  

I recall one listing presentation where we were in competition with multiple Realtors.  This was a high end property that had been listed previously and since the previous listing had atrocious photos, I brought my camera.  As Brad was going though our marketing plan, I was busy snapping photos.  By the end of the presentation I presented some HD photos for comparison.  We later listed the property and sold it! 

Since Your Realtor is a professional photographer, you get HD photos at the same time that you list your property.

2.  Your Realtor® is a Local Expert!

I would like to take a moment to elevate my partner Brad...
Since many Owen Sounders grow up here with the intention of leaving, 'Born and raised in the Owen Sound area' just simply isn't enough.  While Brad was busy being born and raised, he was busy paying attention!  Brad never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of the local market place and his strong connections throughout the community.  This attribute has been fundamental to our success.  Brad has a keen awareness of what's going on in the residential and business community, and has a strong dedication to his practice. 

When it comes to purchasing properties we have the experience and know how to navigate the process smoothly from A to Z.  We're strong negotiators, who consistently get the best deals possible for our clients. 
3.  Your Realtors® have a PLAN!

Here's what one of our clients wrote about us:

'Two true professionals.  It is refreshing to see Realtors step up and utilize the technology that is there for us to enjoy!  Thanks to the both of you, the dread of selling my house was gone when I saw both of you working your magic and formulating a plan, and taking action.  I have heard you go above and beyond, and I believe this to be true.  Thanks for being stand up Canadians!'

We have a plan for each of our listings, both to reach the local market, and to reach the outside market (GTA, KW etc)  Ask us, and we'll be glad to show you! 

4. Your Realtors® have an online presence!

If you stopped and thought about it for a moment, without the internet, it would be nearly impossible to sell your home!  A strong online presence has been a cornerstone to our growth. 
  • Our website attracted over 33k visitors in 2015 with over 80k page views!  
  • We often rank on the First Page of Google during real estate searches! 
  • Our Facebook Posts consistently reach thousands of local residents!   
It would be safe to say that our online marketing has a far greater, and more effective reach than most Real Estate related print advertising. 

5.  Your Realtors® are on the ball!

You can (and should) be confident that Your Realtors are on the ball.  How quickly are they going to respond to inquiries for my property?  When I call or email to see a house, how quickly are they going to set up the showing? 

Want to test us?  Click the 'Get In Touch' button on the top right of this page.  Enter your email and the word 'test' in the subject line.... Ready, Set GO!!! Don't go far! 

At the end of 2015 we proudly introduced a 3rd member to our team! 

Terri Cardinal joined us a Sales Representative and as a Dedicated Buyers Agent.  Born and raised in the area, Terri has a winning personality, and is already proving to be a key contributor to the team!  

A large part of our success has come through the efforts of Brian Mill, Mortgage Agent with Dominion Lending!  Brian has done an outstanding job at getting mortgages for many of our clients!  Visit his website to get a pre-qualification today! 

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Brian Mill, B.A. | Mortgage Agent

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