Showing your house - The Do's and Don'ts 

(September 23, 2015 )

Ok!  You're listed your house For Sale and you've just got off the phone with the real estate secretary who scheduled your first showing!  A plethora of emotions jolt through your veins as the realty of selling your home just became that much more real!  

'Somebody wants to see MY house!!!  Eeeek!  KIDS CLEAN YOUR ROOMS!!!'

Here are 5 Tips that will make sure that the potential buyer feels at home when they walk though the door!

1.  Light it up! 
  • Be sure to flick on MOST of the lights in your house before the showing.  Use your discretion.  If a room would look best with just a couple of table lamps on, then just turn on those lamps.  
  • It may be a good idea to change out some of the main fixtures from those energy saving bulbs to the bright incandescent bulbs.  It's important to make your home look bright!   
  • Maybe this is just my own pet peeve, but 2 different style/colour bulbs on a chandelier looks really tacky.    
  • Make sure that all the bulbs in your light fixtures are working!  A broken bulb registers subliminally to the buyer as a broken fixture.  'What else is wrong with this house?' 
2.  Toss the fragrance!  Yes you read it right.  Realtors used to give out scented candles as part of their 'Thank you for listing with me package', but today it S-M-E-L-L-S trouble.  Todays critical buyers are shopping with all of their senses and smell is an important one!  Smell is an indicator of moisture problems, pets and uncleanliness.  If you're dealing with odours in your house, do your best to deal with the problem.  
  • A dehumidifier goes a long way to removing the musty smell in the basement
  • A fresh coat of paint can be a cost effective solution for eliminating odours 
  • Hire a company to run an ozone machine in the house - Most will guarantee to eliminate the odour if the source is eliminated.  This can be a very effective way to eliminate odours from cigarette smoke. 
  • If you want to manipulate the buyer with scents, then at least do it the right way.  Bake a loaf of bread or a fresh pie in the oven.  Leave the hot pie on the table with a note saying 'Please enjoy a slice'  
3.  Less is more!
  • Counter tops are precious real estate.  Put the coffee maker, toaster (and even the microwave away if necessary) to make the kitchen look spacious. 
  • Consider how people will navigate through your home when viewing it.  Be sure that there is good 'flow' to walk easily from room to room
  • Open Up blinds and curtains to brighten up a room.   A common home stage tip is to make sure windows are not blocked by furniture.  
4.  Whatever the temperature is outside, make it the opposite inside! In the Grey Bruce when it's -40 we like the temperature to be +30 and when it's +30 we like it to be somewhere between 10-15 degrees.  Yep.. We're definitely confused.  
  • You pride yourself on never turning on your A/C but now is the time to pull the moisture out of the air and to make your home super comfortable on that hot summer day. 
  • Nothing says home like a nice sweat after coming in from a blizzard.. so crank up the heat.  
Good luck on selling your home!  It can be a stressful time, but it'll be so rewarding when you get to your desired destination!  If you're thinking about selling, give us a call!  We would love to hear from you!