The Do's and Don'ts of preparing your home for showings. (After it's listed)

(September 23, 2015 )

Written by Mike Seiler

Your house is listed and the phone rings...  It's the first phone call from the office secretary to announce that Realtor Bob would like to show your house! 'That's wonderful' you proclaim.  Seconds after you hang up the phone a plethora of thoughts and emotions shoot through your veins.  It's really happening...


So what are the best practices for selling your home?  

1.  Toss the air freshener:  It wasn't long ago that scented candles were part of the Realtors 'Thank you for listing with me' gift package.  'Light this 'Apple Pie' fragrance before a showing and people won't be able to resist your home'  In my observation, this has quickly become one of the most hurtful tool in a home.  My clients often say, 'I wonder what they're hiding'.  If you are hiding something, it often makes that apple pie smell like it's been sitting in the cupboard for a week anyway.