The 4 Seasons of the Owen Sound Real Estate Market ...

(September 01, 2015 )

... and why you should have the Seiler & Barfoot team preview your home as soon as you're 'considering' selling.
Written by: Mike Seiler

In 'Sn' Owen Sound we have 4 noticeable seasons in the Real Estate market.  Spring, Summer, Fall and Snow.  When should you buy?  When should you sell? Let's take a look. 

The first point to consider is that the Owen Sound area typically weighs toward being a buyers market.  A buyers market can be seen by the amount of inventory on the market at any given point of time, and the amount of time the average listing takes to sell.  Our examples therefore will look at 'the Seasons of the Owen Sound Real Estate Market' from a buyers perspective. 

Spring:  As you may have guessed, Spring is the most active time for Real Estate sales. It's a time for new beginnings!

'This summer I WILL have a new garden, go swimming in my new pool, and re-stain that deck!  The family will be settled in nicely before the summer break begins and we can go on that camping trip we've been planning.'

There are many smaller factors (Taxes, Government Grants, Pregnancies!) that contribute to the active Spring market, but it's safe to say that the best time to sell your property is in the Spring. 

Summer: In the peak of summer we see a noticeable drop in sales.  People just get more busy in the summer!  Kids are home from school, summer trips, camping and activities occupy time. While purchasing a home is a top priority 'My sister's wedding cannot wait'. 

Homes do however look their best in the summer!  We find that while there is less activity in the summer months, a new 'A' type listing in the beautiful summer months can still fetch multiple offers.   

Are you planning on selling in the Fall, Winter, or next Spring?  Have the Seiler & Barfoot team visit your property today and we can take professional photos of your property so that we can market your property with beautiful summer pictures when you're ready to sell!

Cottage and Recreation properties remain active over the summer months.

Fall: The beautiful autumn leaves make your property look pretty as a post card, but it's an indication of the snow to come! It's our 2nd busiest time of the year, and the pinch is on!  'Why didn't we think of buying in the Spring?  We need to be moved before the snow flies!'

Be ready for the pushy buyer that wants a close moving date!

Recreation properties can begin to suffer.  It's time to clean up those gardens! 

Winter:  Real Estate in the middle of Owen Sound's harshest winter isn't all that bad!  The Seiler & Barfoot team has consistently achieved good numbers in the winter months.  Check out this video of Brad and I on our way to a listing appointment in Port Elgin in January 2014:

Truth be said, it's really not good advice to buy in the dead of winter.  Some key components of inspecting the exterior of a home are lost when it's under snow (Roof, Foundation, Landscaping, Grading) and often times any interior water issues may not surface until the snow is melting. 

A minor plus might be that you can see how a property (including the neighbourhood) handles 5-10 feet of snow!

We have special telescopic signs to ensure your listing is seen... even when you're house is hidden behind a snow bank! 


 We're looking forward to serving you in any of the seasons!  Give us a call today!