Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Team...

(August 27, 2015 )

..and specifically 'the Seiler & Barfoot team' with Owen Sound Remax!!!

Written by: Mike Seiler 

1.  Availability:  You've likely heard it before.  'We are living in fast food generation.  People want everything, they want it hot, and they want it NOW'  One of the most daunting parts of being a real estate professional is that we are expected to ALWAYS be available should an opportunity present itself.  With crisis, anniversaries, holidays and birthdays, one person simply cannot perform to that standard, but 2 or more Realtors acting in a team setting certainly can!  For instance, while Brad is competing in the Salmon Spectacular over the next couple weeks, I will be busy selling all of our listings!.. and when I'm in Florida this winter playing golf, Brad will be shovelling your driveway before a showing! 
2.  Diversity:  No two minds think alike.  In a changing and competitive market, it is important to hire a dynamic real estate team where each person brings unique skills to the table.  Often times the team will be greater than the sums of its parts.  This is definitely the case for Brad and myself.  Brad has a keen understanding of the local real estate market.   Being born and raised in the Owen Sound area, 
Brad is an excellent buying agent and has solid negotiations skills and an acute attention to detail when writing contracts.   As an accomplished entrepreneur and Real Estate Photographer, I have taken the marketing baton and helped give our listings, (and our team) maximum exposure in this often saturated market.  
3.  Maximum advertising:  Newspaper advertising, magazines, internet, signage and social media.  It can all get pretty darn expensive.  I've figured out a way to make the process of spending hoards of cash on our listings less painful.  I put it on Brad's credit card!  While we do spend a fair amount on self promotion in the Owen Sound area, we spend the majority of our advertising dollars directly on promoting our listings.

4.  Momentum:  Brad and I are known for being top notch agents with a real passion for serving our clients. (Both buyers and sellers)  With dozens of listings on the go, and even more buyers actively looking for homes, we have the unique opportunity to close deals faster and easier which usually equates to more money in your pocket!  Not sure if you're ready to list?  We might have a buyer waiting for your house.  Just give us a call and we'll let you know. 
5. 2-4-1:  The bottom line is that you are getting 2 Realtors for the price of one.  Fill out the contact form and see how quickly you get a reply.  Chances are you'll get a reply from one of us within 15-20 minutes. (Unless Brad is reeling in a Salmon, while I'm showing a house!)  Give us a try!